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Those who are familiar with web designing will understand the importance of using table to design a structured web. The tables consist of cells and border. Mostly people do not prefer to display the table borders but in rare cases, like gallery, it can definitely add to the beauty of the page. Starting web with using table is always advisable rather than messing up with separate independent web object scattered on the page.

To begin with you must know the width of the table. And to decide the width of the table you must consider the screen resolution first. If you want to design your web best situated for 800 X 600 resolution then you can take the table width of 754 pixels so that it will not display the horizontal scroll bar.

Working with Tables

You need to be specific about the width of the home page and the horizontal scroll bar issue as it is considered to be one of the turn off from visitors side. The whole table can be aligned to the left, right or the center of the page as per requirement. The table width above is mentioned in pixels and the same can be mentioned with percentage also. If the table is inserted using percentage, it will act like an elastic object expanding and shrinking with reference to the resolution of the screen.

Working with Tables

Cell is the smallest unit of the table. You can color the border and fill the table with background color. Besides you can select every single cell separately and color them with your choice as per requirements.

Working with Tables

The cell can be edited changing its size in terms of height and width. Text or an image can be placed inside the cell according to the required alignment, i.e. left, right or the center. The matter can be aligned vertically also with top, bottom and middle alignment.

web designing table

If you design a complex artwork for the web in Photoshop, you can cut it in the pieces and join them in the Dreamweaver using tables and cells. You can add table within table if require. This can be the case when you want to add vertical navigation bar at the left side. If there is already a main table present on the page you can add a small table within with number of rows that represents the links.

Working with tables can be fun if optimized use of table is done on the page. You can not keep on adding the tables just for the sake as it can make the page complicated and difficult to use.

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