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You must have seen “Hello World” display in the empty webpage that a beginner design using HTML tags. They use notepad in the beginning. There are some other html editors available in the market but we will discuss about two main editors widely used in the industry. They are Microsoft Front Page and Adobe Dreamweaver.

There should not be any confusion in the choice between those two editors if we exactly know what we want. If a designer is well aware with his requirement and his limitations, the selection is easy. Front Page is surely comes up will all Microsoft easy to use addictive features where a designer really doesn’t need to do much if he is going for a simple web page.

web page editors

Front page in fact comes up with the wizard that even a novice can run and come up with his personal web page within few minutes. You simply need to go ahead with the wizard putting all the necessary information, choosing the designing of your liking and requirement and you are done. Now you just need domain name, web space, user name and password and you are on the net. Attractive ready made features with the ease of use made Front page popular among the designers who are not much into web programming. Many of the features that require programming skills are taken care by Front Page with their Components. You can even design a working guest book, feed back forms with no programming skills. Banner ad manager will change the pictures automatically. It has provided fancy hit counters, automatic thumbnails and lots of mouth watering facilities for novice. So this is a sure choice for the beginners or the people who do not want them self to be in the mid of the coding.

This obviously comes up with its own limitations. You have little scope of changing and customizing the environment. So you can not much alter the coding behind the page. You have to play within the limits of the freedom provided by Front Page. You need Front Page enabled servers to upload the site which is not a problem as most of the servers come up with this facility.

web page editors

Here a person starts thinking of the option of Dreamweaver. It will not provide you anything readymade. But it will provide you complete independence. It will allow your style and your preferences with 100 % customizing ability. If you want to design the working guest book, you need to know java script or asp or jsp. But if you are well verse with any of these languages or scripting, then sky is the limit. In most of the companies, designing and coding departments are different hence a designer will design the outer shell of the site and programmer start coding with the application provided in the site with respect to the design. Dreamweaver is a favorite choice of the people who are inclined to the programming, who want total flexibility and the freedom of work.

Choosing the editor is easy but once selected it’s a bit difficult to switch from one to another for the same web. Front Page will put its own hidden files that are essential for the working of its component. Both the editors have their own strong points. It’s up to us to decide the choice with respect to our requirements.

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