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Font style of the address can be the deciding factor of the appearance of the address in the card. Working with style is not just for decoration but to manage the space to accommodate more text.

Sometimes address is too long with lot of text. It may contain email id with website address. Client may not want to put his mail id and web address in the same line with the address of his location. This kind of situation needs lot of space management skill to accommodate everything still keeping considerable white space on the card.

Font style includes, normal, bold, italics, underline etc. Sometime we get the narrow version of the same font that will accommodate more text in the same space.

Using Narrow Style
This will accommodate more text if the address is long. You need to loose the track to keep space between the character to make it readable.

Original Card

Visiting Card Layouts

Changing font style
The address style is changed to narrow. You can figure out that more area is available to accommodate more text in the address. Please make a note that we are keeping the same font and just changing the style.

Visiting Card Layouts

Changing font style with the loose track

Using the same narrow style used in the above card we loose the track of the character. The space between the characters is increased and still you have some room to add the text than the original regular style font.

Visiting Card Address Font Style

You can change the style to italics to add more spice in the card. As there is a limited scope to decorate the address, italics can be a good option to try.

Visiting Card Address Font Style

Using bold style for the address is not advisable as it occupies more space and may be difficult to read sometimes. The card below is using bold type for the regular font that is occupying more space.

Visiting Card Address Font Style

Now we are using the narrow version of the same font with bold style which seems to be dense and difficult to read.

Visiting Card Address Font Style

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