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Let us go into the deep of using fonts for visiting cards. we have already mentioned in the previous articles that fonts would reflect the subject and the mood of the card. We must know what type of fonts should be avoided as far as possible. And if you want to use it then you need to process it by working with font style, size and track.

Address is the tricky part of the visiting card. Most of the times, it occupies the major portion of the card while it is one of the most important part. You do not have much scope to decorate it as it contains lot of text than any other area. Mostly people prefer to be formal while working with address font. This is an attitude to have minimum risk and not to play with the delicate part of the card.

Taking everything into consideration, we need to carefully choose the font for address. It must be easily readable and should be harmonious with the rest of the design and the fonts.

What and why can not be used?
You certainly can not use the tight fonts like script for address which may be difficult to read. You also can't use decorative fonts that may not be again readable when decreased to smaller size. Thick fonts are also not a good choice for address as they occupy more space than normal one besides may become problem to read if reduced to smaller size. We have given some examples of the font types that may not be the good choice for address.

Original Card

Visiting Card Layouts

Address using script font

Visiting Card Layouts

Address using decorative font

Address using thick font

The example shows that the address goes beyond the border as the type occupies more space.

Here we have another type of thick font that occupies less space as compare to previous one but may be a bit difficult to read.

So what's the option?
The best option is to play simple. Better not to play with the text block that contains contact information.

Simple regular font like Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. with loose track is the best choice for address. You can try bold, italics etc. according to your choice if it allows to accommodate within the available space.

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