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There are two types of standard card size.

1. American Size : 92 X 54 mm
2. Business Size : 92 X 60 mm

In the following lesson, we will be working with American size visiting card. All the rules are similarly applied to the business size card also.

Software Tool
You can use any designing software to design visiting card. Vector softwares, like Corel DRAW can be one of the best option apart from regular fast working Page MAKER. Use your best software but the rules of the game are still the same for all.

Generally, for the fast result, people use Page MAKER like software where you can simply change the position of the text and create 4-5 layouts for the client out of which he can choose the one he likes. You can even apply the colors to get the idea how it will look after printing.

Taking dimensions
First view the rules around the pages and convert the units into millimeters. Adjust zero settings and first take horizontal and vertical guide line at 0,0. Then drag the guidelines at 92 and 54 mm.

visiting card size

As shown in the above figure, take 3mm guide inside from all four sides for margin.

You can type the text from the left margin or you can type the text anywhere and then place it according to the placement and design you have decided. It should not go beyond any four margins.

It is advisable to type the relevant text in the form of continuous block or in single hanger. It means, the address should be in a separate block than the name and phone number. This way, you can move the address anywhere and fix it to the proper place or even experiment by placing it on different places. Similarly, keep your name, company name in a separate block.

Placement of the text near the margin is shown in the following figure.

visiting card size

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