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About us

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The Editor...
Inside Graphics (the site) is designed and developed by Atul Thakur, a Graphic Designer, working since 1994 when digital art started spreading in India. He established his own firm, Varun Calligraphics, with the objective of offering Desk Top Publishing and Graphic Designing services to the Indian corporate houses.

With the advancements in digital arts, he joined IT training industry and soon found himself busy providing training in page layout, graphics designing, image processing, animation, multimedia, CAD and web page designing programs. He has been also engaged in designing courses, course materials, tutorials, projects and multimedia presentations for the institutes.

His easy to follow tutorials became increasingly popular that made him design Orion Netlinks, online training site in January 2001 to test his skills on web. The site was appreciated by the beginners as well as professionals. He received continuous positive feedback for tutorials. The experience of running Orion Netlinks proved to be very useful. He started simplifying the site and changed it's name to Inside Graphics.

He also changed the old impression of Orion Netlinks as Tutorial Only site by adding new useful features such as news, resources, guest artists, reviews, downloads etc. to make it a complete Graphic Portal.

Atul Thakur, is currently working as a Graphic Designer, offering online training and consultancy through Inside Graphics.

The Site...


Inside Graphics (the site) is a graphic portal designed for everyone interested in graphics and the related fields. It can be used as a news channel gives you updates about the current happenings. It is a useful place to find free downloads and comprehensive resources. Site publishes the reviews of books and softwares, helping users before purchase. Web is full of great sites and Inside Graphics is honored to display some of the great ones for our users. Webmasters, designers, artists, programmers who are the magicians of this beautiful world of digital arts, are invited in our Guest Artist section.

Our frequently updated tutorials cover most popular softwares in the graphics industry. This occupies major portion of the site. The tutorials are designed for novice to professional users. The site has introduced discussion board working as a help line for solving user's queries regarding tutorials. Some of these tutorials are published on reputed sites like Gograph, Stickysauce etc. The site is devoted to graphics and not to the particular software hence we introduce new software occasionally.

Our goal is to develop Inside Graphics into the complete graphic portal on the net.

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