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Drawing Branch

Drawing branch is easier as compare to leaf. You need to make a shape to fill the color. You can even draw directly in photoshop if you are comfortable with it. We have tried it with corel draw. We will not repeat all the details of the procedure as it its same like the first lesson of leaf drawing.

1. Open Core DRAW. Start making the shape using Bezier Tool. We are drawing the branch as shown in the sample artwork marked with red circle. Be careful while making the basic shape. It should be near to the original so that you have to edit minimum with shape tool.

photoshop textile designing

2. Convert the shape to curves and start editing the shape using shape tool.

photoshop textile designing

3. Using nodes and bezier handles to edit the shape.

photoshop textile designing

4. There is a small line beside the main branch. Draw it using the Bezier and edit with shape tool.

photoshop textile designing

5. Export the drawing to photoshop for painting. We will paint the branch in the next lesson

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