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Painting Branch

We will paint the branch using photoshop. We kept the sample textile artwork open in photoshop for the reference of colors. Please refer the first painting lesson for the basics.

1. Open photoshop. open the exported jpeg branch file that is designed in corel draw in the last lesson. You can reduce the size it it does not fit the window.

photoshop textile designing

2. Select Magic Wand Tool and click within the main branch inside the border. The inside portion will be selected. Create a new layer and keep it selected. Select the basic branch color using Eyedropper Tool.

3. Fill the entire leaf with the base color.

photoshop textile designing

4. This time we used a thin border for the branch hence we don't have to hide dark black border like last lesson. Select the shade of the red and paint the branch using paint brush. Use soft brush and paint according to the requirement. Carefully observe the original artwork while you paint. Increase or decrease the brush size according to the requirement.

photoshop textile designing

5. Select the small branch using magic wand and fill it with the shade of the green.

photoshop textile designing

6. You can use any available method to change the fill into something that look like painted naturally. We did not change it to paint effect as we found it not necessary in this case.

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