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Simple Valentine Card - 4

1. Open Photoshop and create a new file with the dimension of card you wish to design. Try to keep simple white background in the beginning. Create new layer.You can keep on experimenting with colors. For this card fill the background with Magenta color.

photoshop simple cards

2. Filter > Noise > Add Noise (Guassian Amount 25)

simple photoshop cards

3.Create a new layer. Draw heart shape using Custom Shape Tool. Place it where ever you want. We have selected white color for heart. Rotate the heart using free transform command.

simple photoshop cards

4. Keep the heart layer selected.

Layer > Layer Style > Inner Glow

Blending Mode Normal

Color Red

Size 62

Add Drop Shadow and Outer Glow Also

photoshop simple card

5. Type the text with artistic font and use proper color. Try using drop shadows, emboss effects, glow to add spice using Layer Style.

photoshop simple card

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