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Old Metal Effect

1. Create new file with white background. Type the text.

photoshop text effects

2. Fill it with the color resembles to stone. Try the last row of color swatches.

photoshop text effects

3. Layer > Layer Style > Bevel & Emboss
( depth 700 size 5 Chisel Hard)

photoshop text effects with text embossed

4. Filter > Noise > Add Noise
(Amount 16 Uniform Monochromatic )

Say OK when asked for Rasterize.

photoshop text effects with  noise filter

5. Filter > Distort > Ocean Ripple (size:9 magnitude:9)
(Remember to keep Black as a background Color)

photoshop text effects with ocean ripple

6. Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow

photoshop text effects with stone effect

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