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Selections in Photoshop

Elliptical & rectangular marquee tool is used for selection as well as to move the outline of the selection. These tools are generally used for basic type of selections where you don't select irregular shapes.

photoshop image selection

In case of irregular shapes, Lasso tool comes in the picture.

photoshop selection tools

Lasso, Polygonal Lasso and Magnetic Lasso provides different levels of selections. Lasso can be the best options for freeform selection while polygonal lasso is use to set the selection points with clicks. Magnetic lasso is an interesting tool, used on the image with sharp contrast background.

photoshop selection tools

Magic Wand is more advance Tool used for irregular shape on the basis of similar color pixels. This tool selects the portion painted with similar color pixels with single click. Changing the value in Tolerance can change the degree of selection.

photoshop selection tools

Quick mask mode is another advance option for minute selection. You can paint the area of an image you want to select and convert into selection. The main advantage of quick mask mode is, you can use different sizes of brush for painting and also erase the painted area if require to repaint again. This is the best option for almost any type of complex selection.

photoshop selection tools

Selections can be added and subtracted when required. While using elliptical or rectangular marquee tools the selections can be added with shift key and subtracted with alt key. You can use move tool if you want to cut the selected area. Selections can be saved and used later with Save and Load Selection. The area of the selection can be increased or decreased precisely with modify, expand and contract commands. Selections can be scaled or rotated with transform command and it can be inverse to select the unselected portion. PhotoShop provides ctrl+D to deselect any type of selection.

The choice of the selection tool and method depends on particular requirement. And it's a matter of experience also. The only criteria about the choice is, the selection has to be made perfect in the minimum available time.

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