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Home : Photo Retouching : Tonal Balance 

Tonal Balance

1. Open Photoshop. Open an image to try retouching commands.

photoshop retouching images tips

2. We will try Auto Levels first.

3. The Level are used to adjust the tonal balance of an image moving the sliders manually. It gives more precise results. But for the beginners, Photoshop provided the Auto Levels command which does the same operation automatically. Auto Levels adjust each color channel individually.

4. Image > Adjustments > Auto Levels

photoshop retouching images tricks

5. The image is clear and sharp.

6. Make a duplicate of the original image by right clicking on the blue title of an image and select Duplicate.

photoshop retouching images tutorials

7. We will try Auto Contrast now.

8. Auto Contrast does not adjust the channels individually like Auto Levels. It detects the lightest and darkest pixels in an image, setting them to white and black making highlights appear lighter and shadows appear darker.

9. Image > Adjustments > Auto Contrast

photoshop retouching images lessons

10. Make another duplicate of the original image by right clicking on the blue title of an image and select Duplicate.

11. We will try Auto Color this time.

12. Auto Color is the quick way to remove color cast throughout an image.

13. Image > Adjustments > Auto Color

photoshop retouching images art

14. Keep all the images side by side to make out the difference between these commands.

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