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1. Create new file with 72 PPI and white background.

Select Rectangular Marquee Tool and draw rectangle to create brick.

2. Fill it with the color.

If you want to fill foreground color press Alt + Del.

photoshop patterns flat image

3. Choose Airbrush Tool with soft brush.

Select slightly darker shade than the filled color.

4. Press Shift and click top right, top left and bottom left to make the brick bevel like.

photoshop patterns brick

5. Keep the shape selected. Select Move Tool.

Press Alt and copy the shape. Place the shape as shown below.

6. Select the part of the image with Rectangular Marquee Tool in such a way that if it is repeated as a pattern you should get continuous design.

photoshop patterns shapes

7. Edit > Define Pattern

8. Name the pattern and deselect with Ctrl +D

9. Edit > Fill > Pattern

Choose the pattern from the drop down menu

Choose the newly created custom pattern. Click OK.

The image will get filled with pattern.

final photoshop patterns

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