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Gel Effect

1. Create new file with white background.

2. Click Channel Tab and create New Channel. The file will become black.

3. Select the Text tool and type the text. Deselect it with CRTL+D. We have selected a script font to make is more real.

photoshop text effect

4. Select paintbrush with hard edge and create some drops to add more spice or keep as it is.

photoshop text effect with paint brush

5. Filter > Sketch > Plaster

Image Balance: 25
Smoothness: 2
Light Direction: Right

photoshop text effect with plaster filter

6. Channel palette will look like this.

photoshop text effect channel palette

7. Select RGB Channel. Click Layer Tab and Select the Background layer.

8. Select > Load Selection > Alpha1

photoshop text effect with load selection

9. Select any desired color for foreground

10. Press Alt + Del once to fill foreground color into selection

photoshop text effect final

11. You can press Alt + Del once more to concentrate the fill to get proper gel effect.

photoshop text effect enhanced

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