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Masking Link

1. Open Photoshop. Open Image to work with masking link option.

photoshop masking tips

2. Using Elliptical Marquee tool and Reveal selection command, create the following mask on the image. (Please follow previous basic masking tutorials before doing this)

photoshop masking tips

3. There is a small link between the image and the layer mask thumbnail shows that the layer mask is linked to the layer. It is indicated with the red arrow in the figure.

photoshop masking link

4. Select Move Tool. Place it in the middle portion of the revealed part of the image and start moving. We have moved it towards the top right corner.

photoshop masking tips

5. The image and the mask move together simultaneously.

You can figure out from the layer that the image is moving along with the layer mask.

In the next lesson, we will see the effect after removing the link between image and mask.

photoshop masking tricks

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