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Mark Monciardini

Mark Monciardini

Mark Monciardini
designbymark is one of the best designed site on the net. Can you tell us your views about web page designing?

Always think about the user. If you get a design block, try looking at other designs for inspiration, but don't copy them.

Its all Photoshop site. Do you remember when & why you get attracted towards this magical image processing software?

The quality it produces and the ease of use.

What are the strong points of Adobe Photoshop as compared to others, according to you?

YOU are in control, not the software. It's stable and quality is uncomparable.

Which area of Photoshop you found the most interesting one?

Adjustment Layers, my favorite.

Do you find it essential to support Photoshop with third party plugins?

No. If you want to learn you need to uninstall the plug-ins and create things on your own. Plug-ins put a date stamp on your images and keep you from using all your creativeness. Plug-ins are like hiring a gardener to do your landscaping. You'll never know how to become a good gardener because the real Gardner is always holding your hand. I haven't had a 3rd party plug-in installed since 1998.

What additions in the photoshop would you expect in the future?

The option to "Delete all unused layers". I'm still waiting.

Your tutorials are always special, ready to download with pdf format. Please tell us your perception about tutorials.

I choose PDF because the user can either download the tutorial, view it in the browser, or print it out, all with the same file. Before I was making all these different versions and pages and it took a lot of time.

Your site is best known for training CDs. We would like to know about the recent Mark's Photoshop 7 Master Kit CDROM

This CD is for folks that want to master Photoshop and start making money with it. Most users after viewing the CD can go out and make anywhere from $50 to $75 an hour. If you are not serious, then don't buy it.

Your artwork is amazing. Many of them has rusted effect with minute details of machines. This type comes frequently in your art. Is there any special reason behind that particular subject?

I grew up around a lot of tools and lived out of town where there was bushes and dirt. My dad made me pull weeds. He was also a contractor and there was always equipment lying around. I think most of it comes from my child hood.

Last question. Every artist has his own philosophy. What is yours?

You can't break the rules in design unless you first know what the rules are. Educate your self and show off less.

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