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Lisa Cyr

Lisa Cyr
Communications Director, Fotolia North America

Hi Lisa, how are you? Would you tell us about Fotolia in a brief?

Hi Atul. Fotolia is a stock photo library with over 20 Million photos, vector illustrations and HD videos, and a community of contributors and artists from around the world.

How this site is different than the range of the royalty free image sites on the net?

There are many stock photo sites on the web as you say, but Fotolia is one of the first and longest standing sites – which means we have one of the largest collections out there – over 20 Million at the moment. We also have some of the most competitive prices out there – some of the lowest prices for high quality images.

We also have local content and support, unlike any other stock photo company; because if you are in Japan, you need photos that are relevant to the Japanese society. Our system brings up local images for you. We've got offices in 22 countries and 14 different languages.

But what makes us especially unique, is the fact that we are the only stock photo company to offer Monthly Subscriptions. You can think of Monthly Subscriptions as a monthly image access card to a set amount of images you purchase every month. You can go in and download them all in a day, or progressively throughout the month. If you don't use them all, that's ok too! As long as your Subscription remains active, the downloads roll over. We think this is a great product because unlike daily subscriptions, which are very heavy volume and are typically "use them or lose them", our Monthly Subscriptions start for as few as 5 high-res images a month, and go up to 2000 or more.

Please tell us something about its affordability.

The more images you purchase with us, the more affordable our images become. But if even if you don't need much – say 5 images a month, our Monthly Subscription gets you those for $25! All images are high resolution and ready to use. We also offer Pay-as-you-go Credits, which start at $0.74.

We're significantly cheaper than any other big stock name, and have some of the best deals on the market!

You have two main categories that we see on the site, one is Categories and other is Concepts. What is the difference between two?

Both Categories and Concepts are similar in the extent that they are image galleries where people can go to view some selected images for a given theme. Concepts can be very helpful to designers as they can help generate new ideas on certain concepts. The images in this gallery represent concepts that can otherwise be difficult to portray.

Categories are, as the name suggests, categories of images: seasons, holidays, business, etc.

Could you share us the selection procedure of the images for Fotolia?

All our images are verified for quality standards, and also to ensure that they fit a need we have on the website. New images are added daily to our site. Certain conditions must be met – like being 18 years of age, being the author of all the files you upload, and having the rights to the elements represented in your files (products, people, property, etc.)

What about selling the pictures? Can photographers sell their pictures directly from your site?

Yes, of course! If your photos are approved, contributors can earn anywhere from 20% to 63% for regular content; and 0.25 to .40 Credits for content sold via Subscription download. It will all depend on whether or not you are exclusive with Fotolia, how well your images sell, etc.

Fotolia seems to be rich storage of different kinds of imagery. Please tell about this treasure.

At Fotolia, we want a wide variety of images – we need conventional stock photos (medicinal, business, family, etc.), but we are also a creative community, we want our contributors to get creative.

Tell us everything about TENS. It's an interesting effort to promote artists worldwide.

We love the TEN campaign! Every 10th of the month, we send out a free PSD file, made by digital artists from around the world. We also send out a tutorial, where the artist talks about their techniques and their artistic process. We think it's great because it incorporates the use of images and design, and is also an educational campaign, that allows graphic artists everywhere to learn more about their craft. You can learn more about it, and to download next month's PSD, here: and follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter for photos, lifestyle videos and other goodies : @Fotolia, FB: Tencol.lection

Thank you very much for providing such valuable information about the great website.

Our pleasure!

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