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1. Open Adobe Photoshop. Open desired image. Try to select proper image suitable for reflection effect.

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2. Duplicate the layer using CTRL + J

3. Image > Canvas Size (Change hight to 200%)

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4. This will increase the size of the canvas where e can place the reflection of an image.

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5. Select duplicated layer. Edit > Transformed > Flip Verticle

Drag the inverted image down and fit it in the increased canvas.

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6. Create a new layer and fill it with white color.

Filter Gallery > Half Tone Pattern

Size : 4 Contrast : 50 Pattern Type : Line

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7. Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur (Radius 4.0)

Save this image as pattern.psd and delete this layer.

Select the reflection.

Filter > Distort > Displace (You can try different inputs)

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8. Select pattern.psd when Displace filter will ask.

9. If the image is reduced slightly by hight, press CTRL + T, drag to increase the hight and fit it properly. The result will be as follows.

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