Top Photoshop Image Effect, Texture frames free tutorials
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Texture frames

1. Open Photoshop. Open the image to create Texture frame.

photoshop image effects

2. Create New file with 640 X 480 Pixels and drag the image on it using Move tool.

3. Create a new layer in the middle of background and image layer. Keep it Selected. You can name it as a frame layer if you want.

4. Draw rectangular selection around the image for frame using Rectangular Marquee Tool, on the frame layer.

5. Fill it with 20% gray color from the Swatches.

6. Filter> Texture > Texturizer (Select Canvas from the Texture drop down)

photoshop channel filter

7. Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow

photoshop image effects

8. Image > Trim to trim the image.

9. You can try this effect using different types of textures. We have used Sandstone in the following frame.

photoshop image effects

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