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Soft Emboss

1. Open Photoshop. Open the image to apply soft emboss border.

photoshop image effects

2. Select Rectangular Marquee Tool and make rectangular selection on the image.

photoshop image effects

3. Go to Channels tab. Create new channel.

Select > Feather (Radius: 7)

Fill white color and deselect the selection with CTRL+ D.

photoshop filter effects

4. Filters > Brush Strokes > Ink Outlines
Stroke Length: 4
Dark Intensity: 20
Light Intensity: 10

photoshop channel effects

5. Go to Layers Tab and create new layer. Keep the new layer selected.

6. Select > Load Selection (Select Alpha1 from channel drop down and check Invert)

7. Fill white color using Alt + Del. and deselect with CTRL + D.

photoshop image effects

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