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Text Color Masking

1. Open flash and take a document size of 475 X 150 Pixels. Draw red rectangle filling the whole stage and convert it to symbol using F8.

flash text color masking

2. Press F6 at 60th frame. Drag the rectangle to left at first frame.

flash text color masking

3. Apply tween and you will get the following result.

4. Create new layer in the timeline and type the text at the top. Try to use thick and bigger size font to get better effect.

5. No need to convert this to symbol as we are not going to make any changes to the text.

6. Right click on the top layer where the text is situated and select Mask.

flash animation masking

7. The layer in the timeline will show the changes indicating masking.

flash animation masking

8. The red rectangle will be displayed only where the text is overlapped.

flash text color masking

9. Export movie using File > Export > Export Movie

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