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Zoom Effect

1. You need to set the stage of the image size. We have taken the following image for the zoom masking effect.

flash masking tutorial

2. Open flash and create a new file.

3. Import image to stage.

File > Import > Import to Stage

4. Fit the image on the stage using Align command if you want to do this with precision. This goes as follows.

Modify > Align > Left

Modify > Align >Top

and then,

Modify > Document > Select Contents in the Match

Insert frame on 60.

5. Rename the image layer to Image. Lock the image layer.

6. Add one layer. Name it as Mask. Select it and draw the circle using Oval Tool at the center of the image with no stroke. No need to be specific for center. You can use any color for fill.

flash masking tutorial

7. Select circle and convert to symbol using F8. Select Graphics for option type and name it as Circle.

8. Select Mask layer. Insert Keyframe on 60th frame. Keep the slider on 60th frame.

9. Go to Modify >Transform >Scale

10. Stretch the circle as shown below. It can even accommodate the full image as we have done in this lesson.

flash masking tutorial

11. Select the first frame on the mask layer and change the Tween property to Motion.

12. Right click on the mask layer and Select Mask.

13. Export movie using File > Export > Export Movie

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