Top Inside graphics free adobe flash Frame and Move Animation
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Frame and Move Animation

1. You need to create the tube and the object to travel through it in this project.

2. Create a new file.

View > Grid > Show Grid

View > Snapping > Snap to Grid

3. Using grid, draw following drawing with Line Tool.

adobe flash frame and move animation

4. Create the tube like structure as shown using Rectangle Tool inside the pipe.

adobe flash frame and move animation

5. Press F6. It will add keyframe to the second frame.

adobe flash frame and move animation

6. Move the Rectangle ahead for some distance by selecting the object and dragging it further using Selection Tool. Using grids for the reference.

adobe flash frame and move animation

7. repeat the procedure till you move the object out of the pipe. Draw fresh object at the turning point if necessary.

adobe flash frame and move animation

8. Save the file and export it to SWF.

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