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Zoom & Fade

1. Open new file.

View > Rulers

Drag the guidelines at the center and lock them.

Change the background color using

Modify > Movie

2. Type the text. Convert into symbol and insert key frame at 25.

3. Fade the text using Alpha at 1 st frame and drag the text in the center at 25 th frame. Stretch the text with scale. Create motion Tween between 1 to 25.

Basic Artwork

4. Insert key frame at 40.


5. Insert key frame at 65. Fade the text at 65 th frame. Create motion tween between 40 to 65.

6. Insert key frame at 75. Keep it as it is to get the blank screen for 10 frames.

7. Create second layer. Drag it below the first.

8. Select Oval Tool. Choose outline color. Select no color for fill. Create circle.

9. Convert the circle into symbol. Resize it to small at 1 st frame and big at 75 th frame.

10. Fade the circle at 75 th frame. Create motion Tween between 1 to 75.

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