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Wave Effect

1. You need to draw scenery for this project. You may get some idea with Sunset project in corel DRAW about drawing scenery.

2. Create a new file of 160 X 160 Pixels. Make five layers. Name each layer by double clicking on it.


3. Select the respective layers and draw the artwork.

Basic Artwork

4. Draw the ship Convert it into symbol. Create its reflection. Change the color of the reflection. Group both the ships.


5. Using Radial Gradient, draw the wave effect and place it in the middle of the lake.

Fill Palette

6. Reduce the size of the wave and fade it to invisible.


7. Select Tree, Mountains and Sky_Water layers and add 80 frames to it.

8. Select Ship layer. Drag the ship towards the left for the first frame and towards right at 40. Create Motion Tween.

9. Select Waves layer. Add keyframe at 25, 60.

10. Scale it to zoom at 60. Make it visible using Alpha. Create Motion Tween.

11. Add keyframe at 80 and make the wave invisible again using Alpha. Create Motion Tween.

12. Save the file.

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