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Home : Photoshop Retouching : Lab Color Part 2 

Lab Color Part 2

Using same Lab Color mode concept, there is another method of getting gray scale output. We need to create new gray scale file and drag the lightness channel to it.

1. Open an image to apply photoshop Lab Color mode.

photoshop digital arts

2. Image> Mode > Lab Color

3. Switch to Channels Palette or

Windows > Channels

photoshop digital effects

4. Create New file with Grayscale Mode.

5. Drag the Lightness channel on the new grayscale file.

6. Delete the Gray channel from the channel palette.

photoshop digital tips

7. Image > Mode

Switch to Grayscale from Multichannel

8. You can trim the file if the original file is bigger than the dragged image.

photoshop digital tricks

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