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Using Simple Channels Part 3

By using channels and curves we have another method to get grayscale output.

1. Open an image to use Channels for grayscale output.

photoshop digital arts

2. Windows > Channels

3. Or Switch to Channels Palette.

4. We will again select Red Channel

.photoshop digital arts

5. With Red, its too light.

photoshop digital tips

6. Image > Adjustments > Curves

7. Adjust the Curve as shown in the following image.

photoshop digital tricks

8. Create New Grayscale document and drag Red Channel on it.

9. Delete Gray channel from the channel palette of the new file.

10. Image > Mode
Switch to Grayscale from Multichannel

11. You can trim the file if the original file is bigger than the dragged image.

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