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Weld To

We can weld the object using different methods and thus we have more control on the procedure. Here we will select the object to which we want to weld the initially selected object.

1. Open Corel Draw.

2. Select Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle. Draw another rectangle so as to overlap the part of the first one. Keep the second rectangle selected.

corel draw weld

3. Go to Arrange > Shaping > Shaping

4. This will open the docker i.e. the dialogue box fixed to the right of the desktop.

corel draw weld

5. Uncheck source and target object initially (if they are checked).

6. Click Weld To.

7. You will get "Weld To" cursor to select the object you want to weld to the already selected object.

8. Click the cursor on the first rectangle.

9. The selected rectangle is welded to the clicked rectangle to form one single object.

corel draw weld

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