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Front Minus Back

This removes back object from the front one.

1. Open Corel Draw.

2. Select Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle. Select Ellipse tool and draw the circle so as to overlap the part of the rectangle.

3. You need to select both of the objects to activate this command. Double click on the Pick Tool to select both the objects.

corel draw shaping

4. Go to Arrange > Shaping > Shaping

5. This will open the docker i.e. the dialogue box fixed to the right of the desktop. Select "Front minus Back" from the drop down. Click Apply.

corel draw shaping

6. In this case the rectangle is considered as back and the ellipse is considered as front.

7. As a definition goes, this will remove back from the front.

8. It means overlapped rectangular portion will be removed from the elliptical object.

corel draw shaping

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