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Eraser Tool

You can use eraser tool to remove unwanted portion of the object. The object automatically closed the path after the portion is erased.

1. Open Corel Draw.

2. Select Rectangle tool and draw rectangle. Fill it with any color. Keep the rectangle selected. If its not then select it using pick tool.

corel draw eraser tool

3. Always remember that Eraser Tool only work when the object is selected.

4. Select Eraser Tool (marked with green circle in the image below).

corel draw eraser tool

5. Drag the cursor from the middle area of the rectangle.

6. The portion is erased where you drag the cursor.

corel draw eraser tool

7. The path is closed and it again acts as a single object.

8. Repeat the same procedure but do not select rectangle.

9. It will give the message that it requires selection.

corel draw eraser tool

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