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Corel DRAW Shapes

Corel DRAW provides five tools for different types of shapes. They are, Basic Shapes, Arrow Shapes, Flowchart Shapes, Star Shapes and Callout Shapes. You will find all these tools at 9h position from the top in the toolbox.

1. Open Corel DRAW.

2. Select Basic Shapes.

corel draw shapes

3. Drag the cursor on the page. You may get skewed rectangle by default. Keep it selected.

corel draw shapes

4. You can change the line style from the property bar.

corel draw shapes

5. You need to zoom in the subject to find the change of line style.

corel draw shapes

6. You can select different shapes from the property bar for Basic Shapes tool and draw it on the page.

corel draw shapes

7. Select different tools, (Basic Shapes, Arrow Shapes, Flowchart Shapes, Star Shapes and Callout Shapes) which are mentioned above.

corel draw shapes

8. You will get the drop down menu for different shapes within that tool in the property bar.

9. Draw and fill the shapes with different colors.

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