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Crop Tool

Let us work with the crop tool to crop the object. Always remember that it work with the object particularly if you have selected it else without selection it works for all the objects present in the window.

1. Open Corel Draw.

2. Select Rectangle tool and draw 3 rectangles. Fill it with different colors and place them near by. Select any one rectangle with pick tool.

corel draw crop tool

3. Select Crop Tool (marked with green circle in the image below).

corel draw crop tool

4. Define the cropping area. Drag the tool to cover the half area of all the rectangles.

corel draw crop tool

5. Double click inside the cropping area.

6. You will find that only selected rectangle is cropped. Rests of the rectangles are intact.

corel draw crop tool

7. Repeat the same procedure but do not select any rectangle.

8. All the rectangles are cropped.

corel draw crop tool

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