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Making Precious Stones

1. Open Corel DRAW and select Polygon Tool. Draw the polygon with 7 sides. Use property bar to fix the sides.

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2. Select Interactive Extrude Tool and create extrude. Drag the guide lines and place them as shown below.

corel draw tips

3. Select Bazier Tool and create triangles from the sides of the stone to the intersection point of the guidelines.

corel draw jewellery

4. Select Interactive Fill Tool. Select any triangle and drag the tool over the triangle.

Select Linear Fountain Fill from property bar and select the colors of your choice.

corel draw fills

5. Copy the same fill in all the triangles by following method.

Right click and drag the filled triangle to the unfilled one. When they will get overlapped the cursor will turn into cross mark with circle. Release mouse button. Click 'Copy Fill Here'.

6. Select the extrude (back portion)

Arrange > Separate

Fill the small rectangles by the same method.

Change the directions of the two colors by moving and dragging Interactive Fill Pointer.

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