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Drop Shadow

1. Open Corel DRAW. Select text tool and type the text. Fill it wih desired color.

Note: It is expected that you have finished with the beginners projects when you start with intermediate, as we do not repeat the small instructions.

corel draw tips

2. Make two copies of the same text. Fill the first with black and second with light gray.

corel draw tricks

corel draw lessons

3. Drag the black text above gray. Keep a little distance between them. Use
Arrange > Order command to change the order if necessary.

4. Choose "Interactive Blend Tool" From the tool Box. Its tenth in the column.

corel draw effects

5. Drag the blend tool creating blend effect as shown below.

corel draw arts

6. Place the colored text above the blend carefully. Again if require use Arrange > Order command to bring the colored text on the top.

corel draw colors

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