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Home : Corel DRAW Basic Effects : Making Symbol 

Making Symbol

1. Create a symbol of the object you need to use frequently. It is easier to use symbol than to copy paste.

2. Open Corel DRAW. Use any drawing tool and create a drawing for making symbol. It can be created with single object or more than one complex objects.

corel draw tutorials

3. Select the drawing.

Arrange > Combine

a) Symbol can not be created until all the objects in the drawing are not combined. This rule is not applicable for single object.
b) The object has to be closed.

corel draw tips

4. Tools > Create > Symbol

5. Name your own category to save the symbol. We have named it as "Artwork". Click OK.

corel draw tricks

6. If you want to use the symbol

Tools > Symbols and Special Characters

7. Select the "Artwork" category in the drop down menu. The symbol will get displayed in the list. Drag the symbol on the page.

corel draw lessons

8. You can fill the symbol with any color.

corel draw artwork

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