Top Corel DRAW Artistic Effect, Making Patterns
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Making Two color & Full color Patterns

1. Open Corel DRAW. Create some design you want to use for Two Color Pattern. Use black & White colors.

2. Tools > Create > Pattern

Create Pattern Dialog box will be displayed. Select Two Color. Click OK.

corel draw tutorials

3. Cross cursor is displayed on the screen called Marquee. Drag it around the design as follows.

corel draw tips

4. Click OK for the following dialog box.

corel draw tricks

5. Draw rectangle or any shape to fill the pattern. Keep it selected.

It is a simple test to check the pattern whether it is created properly or not.

6. Select Fill Tool and Pattern Fill Dialog. Select 2-Color

corel draw effects

7. Click OK.

corel draw patterns

8. The Procedure is similar for full color pattern with little difference.

9. Create a design for full color pattern use any colors.

corel draw color pattern

10. Follow the steps from 2 - 4

11. Full color pattern has to be saved in 'Pattern' folder of Corel DRAW.

The dialog box for saving the pattern will get displayed. Name the pattern and save it.

12. Follow the steps from 5 - 7

corel draw full color patterns

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