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Extrude Project

1. Open Corel DRAW. Draw a rectangle with Rectangle Tool

corel draw tutorials

2. Select interactive Extrude Tool and Extrude the rectangle as shown below to make a rectangular plate.

corel draw tips

3. Type the text and place it at the edge. Make a copy of the text and keep it aside.

corel draw tricks

4. Extrude the text with Interactive Extrude Tool.

corel draw lessons

5. Fill the black color in the copy of the text. And send it to the back of extrude one.

Arrange > Order > Back One

corel draw effects

6. Skew & scale the text for shadow effect. Check out Skewing in Shadows project.

corel draw text effects

7. Select the Extrude text. Fill the color.

8. Go to Property Bar. Click Color flyout menu.

9. Click the third option "Use Color Shading. Select the colors for shading.

corel draw tools

10. Use color shading for the rectangular plate also.

corel draw artwork

11. Type the text at the front side just to add the flavor.

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