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Making Rings

1. Open Corel DRAW. Draw perfect circle with the help of Ellipse Tool and CTRL key.

2. With Shift and Drag method, make a copy of the circle inside the main circle and right click to get the copy.

3. Select both the circles

Arrange > Combine

corel draw tutorials

4. Select Interactive Fill Tool. Drag the pointer on the object. Select Radial Fountain Fill from property bar.

5. With the proper combination of two colors create the ring effect. White is chosen as a mid color in the following ring.

corel draw tips

6. How to entangle the rings? Make another copy of the ring. Place is over other.

corel draw tricks

7. Draw the shape which you want to remove to get entangled effect on the top cross section of the rings.

corel draw lessons

8. Select the newly drawn shape.

Arrange > Shaping > Trim

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9. Click on the top circle to trim. Delete the shape after trimming.

corel draw artwork

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