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Ray Effect

1. Open Corel DRAW. Select text tool and type the text.Use thick font to get proper line effect. We have used Impact font. Fill it with desired color.

Note: It is expected that you have finished with the beginners projects when you start with intermediate, as we do not repeat the small instructions.

corel draw tips

2. Drag the guide line and using it draw vertical straight line with Bazier Tool.

3. Make it thicker using Outline Tool.

corel draw tricks

4. Double click on the line and drag the center of rotation to the bottom.

5. Change the line color to white by selecting the line and right clicking on the white color in the palette. Keep the line selected.

corel draw effects

6. Arrange > Transformation > Rotation

corel draw colors

7. Keep angle 12 deg and start pressing "Apply to Duplicate" till you get the complete ray effect.

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