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Sliced Text

1. Open Corel DRAW. Type some text. Try to use thick font.

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2. Select Rectangle Tool. Draw Rectangle at the lower half of the text. Select the same rectangle.

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3. Arrange > Shaping > Intersect

Shaping Docker will get displayed. Select Third one which is Intersect.

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4. We are going to cut the text into two pieces.

5. Keep the rectangle selected. Click "Intersect With"

6. Click the pointer on the upper half of the text. The lower half of the text will be intersected. Keep it aside. Drag the same rectangle to the upper half and repeat the same procedure. You will get the intersected upper part.

7. Delete the rectangle and the original text.

8. We got the two sliced pieces of the text. Select the lower half.

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9. Select Interactive Extrude Tool and drag the pointer on the lower half of the text to apply the effect.

10. Select upper half.

11. Effects > Copy Effect > Extrude From

12. Click the pointer on the extruded part of lower half. The same extrude effect will get copied on the upper half of the text also.

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13. Shift upper half slightly to get proper sliced text.

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