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1. Open Corel DRAW. Type the text. Try to use thick font if possible.

corel draw text effects

2. Duplicate the text by pressing Ctrl + D

corel draw text tutorials

3. Fill the backward text with black color and arrange the shadow with pick tool

4. Double click on the black Text

5. Drag the upper middle point with the cursor towards left. The Process is called skewing. The angular stretching of an object.

corel draw text tips

6. Select the text with Shape tool

7. With he help of bottom node move each character separately as shown below

corel draw text tricks

8. Repeat the step 5

9. Arrange the shadow properly with Shape Tool again. Move them and place then behind the original characters.

corel draw text techniques

10. Select Interactive Drop Shadow Tool. Drag the tool on the text slightly.

online corel draw text effects

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