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Interactive Contour Tool

Contour effects add evenly spaced shape inside or outside the border of the main object. In the advanced level you can specify the numbers and the distance between outlines.

1. Open Corel DRAW. Select Rectangle Tool and draw medium size rectangle in the middle of the window. Keep it selected.

corel draw interactive contour tool

2. Select Interactive Contour Tool. It's in the same menu that of Interactive Blend Tool (marked with the green circle). You need to press the menu to display the tool.

3. Now please observe the changes in the cursor carefully.

4. Move the cursor inside the rectangle. There is a difference between the cursor outside and inside the rectangle.

5. Once the cursor is changed when it is inside the rectangle, press and drags it. Take it to the center of the rectangle.

6. It will form the even spaced shapes inside the rectangle

7. If you drag the cursor outside the rectangle, it will form the shapes outside.

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