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Interactive Blend Tool

Let us start with the first effect in Corel draw. Interactive Blend Tool blends two objects. We are learning just the basics about blend effect in this lesson. There are lots of details which will be covered in the advanced level.

1. Open Corel DRAW. Select Rectangle Tool and draw rectangle at the top left
corner of the window. Fill it with red color.

2. Select Ellipse Tool and draw circle at the bottom right corner of the window. Fill it with green color.

corel draw interactive blend tool

3. Select Interactive Blend Tool (marked with green circle).

corel draw interactive blend tool

4. Now please observe the changes in the cursor carefully.

5. Move the cursor inside the red rectangle. There is a difference between the cursor outside and inside the rectangle.

6. Once the cursor is changed when it is inside the red rectangle, press and drags it. Take it to the inside area of the green circle.

7. A dotted line will form while you drag the cursor and once you release the mouse button, the blend will form between the rectangle and circle.

corel draw interactive blend tool

8. Observe carefully that the rectangular shape is smoothly converted into the circle with the gradual steps.

9. At the same time, the red color is also transformed into green using the same steps.

corel draw interactive blend tool

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