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Draft mode displays bitmaps and drawing fills on low resolution. It is one step behind the normal mode as far as the display is concerned but since it uses low resolution, it is faster than Normal mode.

1. Open Corel DRAW.

2. Import any colored bitmap picture.

corel draw draft mode

3. Zoom the pictures and toggle between Normal and drat mode. The previous picture was in Normal mode. The following picture is in draft mode.

corel draw draft mode

4. You will find that the picture is bit pixilated in the draft mode as it uses low resolution.

5. There is another way of finding the working of the draft mode.

6. Draw two rectangles while you are in the Normal mode. Fill the first with green color.

7. Select Interactive fill tool and fill the second rectangle with fountain fill using the combination of red and white colors with Linear fill.

corel draw draft mode

8. Apply blend effect using those two rectangles. Observe the blend carefully. The green color is blended with the combination of red and white gradient smoothly.

corel draw draft mode

9. Go to View and change the view to Draft mode. You will find that the rectangle which is filled with red and white linear fill has changed the fill color to the shade of pink that is intermediate of red and white and blended to the green color.

corel draw draft mode

10. This way the draft mode refreshes the drawing with the low resolution.

11. If you switch back to the Normal mode, you will get back the original red and white fountain fill in the second rectangle.

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