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Preview Selected Only

You may draw lot of objects on the page but like to preview just the object you have selected. It's a great command because you get to see the preview of the object separately without being clustered with others even it is surrounded by many.

1. Open Corel Draw.

2. Select Ellipse tool and draw the circle within the page area and fill it with any color. Select Rectangle Tool and draw rectangle, fill it with some other color.

3. You can draw few more objects and fill the color.lace them near each other on the page.

corel draw preview

4. Select circle.

corel draw preview

5. Go to view > Preview Selected Only.

6. You will see the full screen preview of the circle which you have selected.

corel draw preview

7. If you select two object pressing Shift key and using Pick tool, you will get the preview of the two objects what ever you have selected.

corel draw preview

8. We selected two stars shown in the above image. We get only those object in the preview when we go for Preview Selected Only option.

corel draw preview

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