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Home : Corel DRAW Basics : Select within Group 

Select within Group

We have learned that once we form the group of two or more objects, they are selected together. In fact that's the basic purpose of forming of the group. It is for the ease of selection. But if you with to fill the color separately to particular object in the group, there is a way to do this.

1. Open Corel Draw.

2. Using Rectangle and Ellipse tool, draw rectangle and ellipse. Fill it with same colors.

3. Select both, the rectangle and ellipse using pick tool.

4. Go to Arrange > Group

5. Select the group using Pick tool.

6. Fill some other color.

7. As a group both the objects selected together and they are fill with the same color.

8. Now we want to fill the rectangle with different color than ellipse. At the same time we do not with to break the group.

9. Press CTRL and select rectangle with the pick tool.

10. The rectangle is selected.

11. Fill it with any color other than the color in ellipse.

12. You can even stretch, scale and rotate the object in this mode separately without breaking the group.

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