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Simple Wireframe

We will discuss about the different modes of working in Corel DRAW. The drawings in Corel Draw can become heavy and takes time to open. Sometime it takes longer duration to refresh the drawings where the blend effect is exclusively used. We can use different modes to watch different levels in the drawing. Simple wire frame is used to see the basic elements in the drawing quickly.

1. Open Corel DRAW.

2. Import any jpg or tif file. Just take care that it should be colored and not black and white file.

corel draw simple wireframe

3. Go to View and select Simple Wireframe. The image turns to grayscale.

corel draw simple wireframe

4. Go to View and select Normal. The image turns to original color. Delete the image.

5. Now draw two rectangles filled with different colors while you are in the normal Wireframe mode. Apply blend effect using those two rectangles.

corel draw simple wireframe

6. Go to View and select Simple Wireframe again. You will find that the intermediate steps of the blend are disappeared along with the colors inside. And you get to see the basic elements of the blend which are just two unfilled rectangles in this case.

corel draw simple wireframe

7. Go back to view and select Normal mode again and you will see the blend with steps and colors.

8. Please make a note that you don't need to select any object to apply Wireframe mode. It is applied globally on all the objects present in the windows.

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