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Fit in Window

While working with Corel draw you go for zoom, preview, you may scroll the page and do lot of things. There is a time comes when you want to go back to fit in window view. We have a shortcut for that also.

1. Open Corel Draw.

2. Select Ellipse tool and draw the circle within the page area and fill it with any color.

corel draw fit in window

3. Scroll the page using scroll bar to shift the page away from its original position or You can even zoom the object using zoom tool just to change the default page view.

corel draw fit in window

4. Now you want to go back to fit in windows view.

5. This is the view where the page comes to its default place. It means the place when you created the new page. Try the shortcut key.

6. Press Shift + F4

7. The page comes back to its default position.

corel draw fit in window

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