Top corel draw pick tool skew techniques free lessons
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Home : Corel DRAW Basics : Pick Tool - Skew

Pick Tool - Skew

1. Open Corel DRAW. Draw rectangle. Keep it selected. If deselected by mistake, select it using pick tool.

corel draw skew

2. Click it once again on the rectangle. Observe the difference carefully. Basic selection points are turned into arrows. This time, we will work with the middle points. You will find straight arrow points in the middle of the four lines of the rectangle (marked with green circle).

corel draw skew

3. Place the cursor on the middle point of the top horizontal line. The cursor is changed from pointer into double straight line arrows with opposite left right direction. That represents Skew movement (separately drawn and marked with red circle).

corel draw skew

4. Press and drag to the left or right. Rectangle gets skewed in a horizontal direction.

corel draw skew

5. Go back to normal rectangle using Edit > Undo

6. Place the cursor on the middle point of the left or the right vertical line. Press and drag to the up or down. Rectangle gets skewed in a vertical direction.

corel draw skew
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