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Full Screen Preview

While working with Corel draw, you may need to see the full screen preview to judge the object how will it appear on the full screen without surrounded by tools or selection points or even the software environment. This will help you to get the idea of a whole picture without any visual limitations and disturbance.

1. Open Corel Draw.

2. Select Ellipse tool and draw the circle within the page area and fill it with any color.

corel draw preview

3. Go to view > Full Screen Preview

4. You will see the full screen preview of the circle along with the page.

corel draw preview

5. Press any key to come back to the desktop.

6. Select the object with pick tool if it is not selected.

corel draw preview

7. Now try shortcut key with F9 for full screen preview.

8. You will notice that even the object is selected; full screen preview won't show the selection.

corel draw preview

9. Come back to the desktop by pressing any key.

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